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What's Important To Us 

We know that our customers have high expectations of us and we strive never to take our customers for granted. Over the years, we have enjoyed an outstanding amount of repeat business from our clients as we endeavor to make them customers for life.  Go Green is a local, family owned & operated business based out of the Mill Creek, Washington.  We have been servicing Snohomish & King County for the last many years, with one of the best reputations in town.  
At Go Green, we use a POWERFUL Van Mounted Hot Water Extraction (steam cleaning) with 220+ degree heat and one of the biggest vacuum systems in the industry that extracts majority of the moisture.  We also use a Fresh Water Rinse to ensure no residue or soil is left behind.  With EVERY cleaning we use a Powerful Air Movers to help dry the carpet or upholstery, so some carpets may actually be dry by the time we leave. 

Yeah, but are you really GREEN?  

At Go Green, we do use the safest cleaning products on the market.  You really do have to be careful with some of the cleaning products used in your home.  Butyl is a very common cleaning product used for cleaning and is a known neurological toxin that can cause serious health effects on anyone breathing it in or by allowing it to be absorbed through your skin.  

Process and Services.

At Go Green we clean in accordance with IICRC, EPA and Carpet Manufacturer recommendations with every cleaning.  We always fully flush out the fibers so you can be guaranteed a deep down clean.  We also use corner guards to protect your walls, drop cloths for your hardwood or tile floors and offer clear communication with all aspects of the cleaning. Our top of the line equipment allows us to fully clean underneath heavy furniture like beds and other furniture with at least 20 inches of clearance.   Also, you will always have a 30 day guarantee with any work we do. 

30 Day Guarantee.  

We are the only company in the Mill Creek/Puget Sound that offers all clients a 30 Day Guarantee with every cleaning.  Now you are probably wondering why we offer the longest Guarantee on the market.  It's very simple. We take the time and effort to do the job the right way for every client.  We understand you want a reliable, trustworthy company that does the job the right way every time, so you don't have to worry about losing money to a substandard cleaning.  Some companies guarantee's are only for a few days. Go Green , we offer a whole month.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding the cleaning we will always be back out there at NO CHARGE.  If you are still not happy, Go Green will refund you your cleaning.  All we want to do, is offer great customer service and do the best job possible.  

Featured Product We Use!
"Trashed Green" is the industries #1 pre-conditioner on the market.  It was awarded the CRI Green Seal of Approval in 2006.  

Carpet Cleaning Mill Creek, Carpet Cleaner Bothell, Go Green

Even On Move Outs We Do The Best Job Possible!

by brent dill on 05/11/14

Fast, friendly, and clean carpets!  Were even able to get out this huge stain out from in front of the door that was there before we moved in 3 years ago! Worth every penny!  Thank you.


Carpet Cleaning Review from Seattle

by brent dill on 05/11/14

I used these guys to have the carpets cleaned in my condo before I moved in. The condo had most recently been occupied by renters who weren't the cleanest of folks. I'm talking to the point where the clear glass shower doors were totally opaque when I moved in, so I'm pretty sure they never cleaned. There were stains, the carpet showed obvious wear and discoloration in the hallway and by the bathroom doors. I wasn't exactly expecting much when I called in carpet cleaners. 

By the time they got done, it looked almost new. They got all the stains out, removed almost all of the discoloration, and raked the whole business so that it looked fluffy and nice again. Some of the wear was just too much for anyone to get out, and I'll probably have to replace the carpet in a couple years. But overall, these guys did a great job. They also really emphasized their 30 day policy of coming to do touchups as needed, suggesting that I call them once the movers had been in and out. I didn't end up doing that, only because the carpets still looked great after the movers were done. The fact that they use environmentally friendly products is a plus, and the whole place smelled like fresh citrus, which was great.

I absolutely plan on using them again around the one year mark. They were very professional, did a great job, and were very easy to schedule.

Smitha D

New Bothell Carpet Cleaning Review

by brent dill on 05/11/14

We live in a condo and have a 2 year old.  It had been several years since we had had the carpets cleaned.  I had been wanting to use Go Green Carpet Cleaning for over a year after reading the online reviews.  Finally set a bit of money aside (their prices are really affordable) and e-mailed to set up appointment .  They were able to come out a few days after I initially e-mailed.  Brent was extremely professional and friendly.  He was able to get an old margarita stain out of the carpets as well as toddler puke; gross.  I was able to take my son to the park and back and he was done cleaning all the carpets.  They were dry by that evening & it all cost me less than $300.  Amazing!  Have already recommended to family and friends.  It's so hard to find good customer service these days and folks with a pride in what they do.  Go Green Carpet Cleaning has it all.

Lauren O

Another Great Carpet Cleaning Review

by brent dill on 05/11/14

These guys are great!  I won't be using any other carpet cleaning services again after meeting Brent and having him clean my carpets today.  
Excellent customer service.  They were able to schedule me for cleaning the very next day.  Brent called to tell me he was on his way and when to expect him.  He got stains out of my carpets that many other carpet cleaning outfits were not able to get out.  Very courteous and friendly too boot!  I had 4 areas done, but based on this results, I am going to have the rest of the house done soon.

Janet G

Seattle Review for Carpet Cleaning

by brent dill on 05/11/14

Wow, exceeded my expectations.  The person who took my initial call was polite and informative.  The cleaner called before coming and then promptly arrived when expected.  He was professional and courteous, never trying to sell useless upgrades.  The carpets are revived and these guys made the process simple while offering great prices.

Jason R

New Mill Creek, WA Review

by brent dill on 05/11/14

I cannot say enough about Brent from Go Green Carpet Cleaning.  He seriously worked his ASS OFF!  He was so accommodating to everything, including my naughty little Yorkie who was there the whole time. (the reason of the visit, mostly)  After I got home I called him and told him how wonderful everything was and he went into FINE detail about what he had done.  I could tell he genuinely loved what he did and was so knowledgeable!  THIS is the type of person I want to give business to.  CALL THEM!!!

Emily L.

Message From Brent

by brent dill on 03/19/14

I want to say thank you to all that have used our services and the years of support you have given Go Green.  This company really is for you, I will just make sure everything gets done right with the high quality you expect.  

I would like to announce that I plan on making your experience even easier.  Soon we will be offer you to book your appointment online with a full price list so you can pick and choose what you want to have done.  I just want to make your experience with Go Green the best it can possibly be.  Tomorrow is the first day of Spring, that just brings us one season closer to Summer..

Thank You

Brent Dill
Owner of Go Green

New Redmond WA carpet cleaning review

by brent dill on 08/30/13

What has not been said yet? Thorough green cleaning, professional service, competitive pricing, 30 day warantee.. Brent also got equipment to clean carpet under the furniture. Overall, the one word to say is "awesome".  I infact feel sad to walk on the perfect carpet now! Highly recommend. Thanks Brent!


Recent carpet cleaning review in Mukilteo WA

by brent dill on 08/30/13

Excellent service.  Very professional.  Job very well done.  Chris was super professional and friendly and was very thorough in explaining what he did and cleared space on his own where it was necessary.  Also was very thorough in explaining the 30 day guarantee and encouraged me to call if any new spills are made within that time.  I will be calling Go Green again for our next carpet cleaning.  Thank you!


Recent Lynnwood WA review for carpet cleaning

by brent dill on 08/30/13

You won't find better service, nor better rates. Anyplace.

Chris just finished my carpet. His attitude and level of service was so far beyond what others provide it's taken my breath away. Honestly. For carpet cleaning.

If we're to deliver WOW, this fellow just did it.

Use this service. You won't regret it. AND they have a 30-day window where they'll come back and for no charge clean up new stains. NICE.


Carpet Cleaning review Mukilteo, WA

by brent dill on 08/30/13

Go Green is awesome! Call them before you call anyone else!  

I recently moved into a townhouse with a slightly icky carpet that needed a good cleaning. I'm very sensitive to artificial fragrances and harsh chemicals, so when I went hunting for a carpet cleaner, I immediately honed in on Go Green's eco-friendly products and dedication to customer satisfaction. From the first phone call, the company exceeded my expectations. 

Chris arrived right on schedule to clean my carpet this morning. He was very friendly and professional. He explained the cleaning process in detail, and encouraged me to ask questions or express any concerns I had. He worked carefully around (and under) my furniture and used some nifty fan "pods" to help dry the carpet. Before he left, Chris emphasized Go Green's 30-day warranty. I was surprised that a carpet cleaning company would offer such a thing!

Several hours later, my carpet looks great, it's almost completely dry, and there is NO odor whatsoever. All I smell is fresh air! I'm very glad that I found Go Green. They exhibit top-notch professionalism all the way around. I would recommend them HIGHLY to anyone!


Look, A Review Just Came In From Kirkland Today! Great Upholstery Cleaning!!

by brent dill on 05/08/13

I had Go Green clean the light colored, microfiber upholstery on our large couch.  The technician who came out was very knowledgeable about the products and the process they were using.  I am extremely satisfied with the work.

They will be the first company I call in the future for my carpet cleaning needs and I would highly recommend them to others.


Carpet and Upholstery Green Cleaning with Bothell Review!

by brent dill on 05/08/13

These guys did a great job. Professional, thorough, walked me through the process, and best of all, the carpet and both couches look fantastic. Some of the rooms are already dry thanks to the fans they put in the room after they clean. I'd highly recommend these guys (and already have!) Note - we have two small kids and a dog, and it had been tooooo long since the last cleaning, so they had their work cut out for them.


Recent Bothell, WA Review for Carpet Cleaning!

by brent dill on 05/08/13

I highly recommend Go green carpet cleaners. They are reliable, honest, very hardworking and do an excellent job. Every single review here says this, and it is true! I have used them twice and in between I tried a different carpet cleaner using a groupon, but it was not even close to what they do! 

Brent is friendly, knowledgeable, very professional, and will accommodate to your specific needs. He even gave me ideas on how to keep my carpet clean for longer time. From all services I ever had at home, these guys are by far the best. They are impeccable in every possible way! Scheduling and payment are easy, bill is clear (no hidden costs), cleaning process is efficient and VERY well done, not to mention guaranteed for 30 days. They really provides an awesome customer service!


Bothell, WA 98011 Carpet Cleaning & Area Rug Cleaning Review

by brent dill on 02/13/13

Go Green cleaned two of our carpeted rooms and area rug. Brent did a great job of removing our dog's oil, drool, chew bone and dirt stains. Although he said there is a little discolouration from having the stains left or too long, I don't really notice it. He was professional and very thorough. He spent a couple of hours cleaning which involved pre-treating and drying. He also told me there was a 30 day guarantee even if there were new stains! How awesome is that? I will definitely use Go Green again and on a more regular basis. The customer service Brent provided was outstanding.

Christina B.

Mill Creek, WA 98012 Carpet Cleaning Review January 2013

by brent dill on 02/13/13

I recenlty had Go Green come and clean my condo. They did an amazing job and were punctual as well as professional. They took  the time to chat with me, explain in depth answers to my questions, as well as discuss carpet maintenance and what i could do keep my carpet in good condition. 

The scheduling and payment process were very easy. Being that I am a parent, and travel for work, doing business with people that are adept at working virtually and seamlessly is important. I was able to schedule via email, with very quick response mind you, and pay just as easily. 

I most definitely recommend using their services to anyone whom needs carpet cleaning and will be sure to continue using them to maintain my carpets from now on. 

PS, they offer to come back and clean old stains that come back or new stains within 30 days! can not get better than that. 

Michael R
Mill Creek

New 2013 Carpet Cleaning Review in Arlington, WA

by brent dill on 02/13/13

Great,quick,affordable,valuable service! will definitely be using them next time we move!! highly reccomended!!


2013 Carpet Cleaning Review in Seattle, WA

by brent dill on 02/13/13

We used Go Green Carpet Cleaning to clean the carpets in a 3-story town home in the last year. When I first called them to have an idea of their process, they were very patient and willing to go through every detail, including the type of products they would use and how much time they would take (at each step). If you have pets, let them know so that they'll be prepared for that as well.

I had also mentioned the Yelp deal, and they didn't bat an eye. Very easy to apply the discount, confirmed over the phone.

The service itself was very quick and efficient. The tech asked to walk through the house and take a look at the carpets with me to identify any problem spots or slight stains. He pointed out a few small stains here and there, so that I was aware, and he got them out. I waited outside while he was cleaning, and it took about 45-1 hour to clean 3 bedrooms, 1 hallway, and 2 sets of stairs (I kept busy in the garden meanwhile :P). The carpet was then "raked" to separate the fibers to facilitate drying. He had even opened windows as he went so that the house would dry faster.

The tech came out, we signed some papers, gave some estimates on drying time, and it was as easy as that! The next time I need carpet cleaning, I will look to these guys first :)

Kristine C

Recent Review for Seattle, WA for carpet cleaning

by brent dill on 09/30/12

Go Green cleaned our carpets getting our townhouse ready for tenants, and I can't say enough about them.  They did a great job, got rid of every single pet stain, and totally brought a 5 year old carpet back to life.  They were super responsive with scheduling the move, on time with their appointment and in and out of our house super fast.  These guys are on the speed dial for any carpet cleaning we do from now on.

We've used other "green" companies before, but they did nowhere near the job Go Green did.  The place looks great!


Recent Review for Brier, WA for carpet cleaning

by brent dill on 09/30/12

Brent was very professional and did an excellent job on our home in Brier. He was able to clean out stains that we thought for sure would not come out. The customer service and care that he gives each customer is truly deserving of a 5 star review. His pricing by number of areas you want done in the home is very competitive with no hidden costs. 

With a product, it's easy to find out what you want and find the best deal online, but for a service, the value is in the person who is performing the work. Brent cares about the work he does and stands behind his work 100% thus offering the 30 day warranty. The enviromentally safe products he uses receive the highest ratings. I would recommend Go Green to anyone and will refer my friends and family,


At Go Green, we offer more than just a cleaning service... we offer an amazing experience that transcends our competition, making Go Green a premier local business for carpet cleaning in the Mill Creek, Bothell/Seattle Area.  

How do we do this?

It's the philosophy we established our business on. Our goal is to exceed industry standards with our cleaning and offer a cool, laid back experience with our customer service.  We offer you a 30 day warranty with all cleaning. What that means is we have your back no matter what.  If stains come back or a new accidental spill happens, we will come back out at NO CHARGE!  We know the service we offer exceeds industry standards so we just want you to feel comfortable using us and so you can help us with our grassroots movement to keep this business going for years to come.  

​Go Green uses EPA DfE free Carpet, Upholstery & Area Rug Protector!
By having the protector reapplied to your carpet & upholstery it will prolong the life.  This will save you thousands in premature wear.  The manufacturers recommend you clean your carpets every year and have the protector reapplied.  If not, you carpets will be exposed to the elements.
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